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    Matthew D. Liszewski, Divorce lawyer
    Celebrating 25 Years Of Excellence

    Top-Rated Divorce Lawyer Near Loveland

    Protect Your Rights & Assets With Loveland’s #1 Divorce Attorney

    Divorce is a complicated, expensive, and emotionally draining process. At Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer, our Loveland divorce attorneys are prepared to defend your rights with confidence and guide you smoothly through the process without stressing your budget or mental health.

    Trial-Tested Attorney Specializing In Different Types Of Divorce Matters

    Loveland Divorce & Property Division Lawyer You Can Trust

    As expert Loveland divorce lawyers, we are deeply knowledgeable about divorce law in Colorado and are prepared to help you navigate a wide variety of situations. Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer makes sure you get fair results!

    No Fault and At-Fault Divorce Attorney in Loveland

    No Fault & At Fault Divorce Attorney

    You can trust our attorneys to provide smooth, expert guidance through every aspect of your divorce, including both fault and no-fault situations.

    Our Attorneys Handle Arbitration And Mediation For Divorces

    Arbitration & Mediation For Divorces

    When you need a third party to sort everything out, our Loveland divorce mediators are equipped to help. Call today to schedule a consult!

    Loveland Default Dissolution Divorce Attorney

    Default Dissolution Divorce Attorney

    Let Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers walk you through the default dissolution process. We make sure you know what to expect in every step.

    Equitable Distribution Divorce Lawyer Providing Legal Services in Loveland

    Equitable Distribution Divorce Lawyer

    Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer is equipped to navigate fair allocation property between the two parties involved in your divorce according to the Colorado state law.

    Skilled Collaborative Divorce Lawyer In Loveland

    Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

    Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer ensures the results are fair and each party is satisfied with the terms in your collaborative divorce.

    Hire An Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

    Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

    In Colorado, both parties can sign as one and save on filing fees in an uncontested divorce. We can help you understand the process.

    Joint Petitions For Summary Dissolutions in Loveland, CO

    Joint Petitions For Summary Dissolutions

    In a joint petition, both parties come to full agreement on divorce terms before filing together. Our attorneys are ready to help.

    Legal Separation & Property Settlement Agreements In Loveland

    Legal Separation & Property Settlement Agreements

    Let Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers help you reach an agreement with your spouse regarding child support, custody arrangements, property distribution, and more.

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    Loveland’s Preferred Divorce Law Firm

    Filing Divorce Can Be Easier With Our Experienced Attorney

    No matter how complicated your divorce situation is, our five-star Loveland divorce law firm is an excellent resource. We offer everything from legal advice to mediation, property distribution and uncontested divorce proceedings. You will be treated with fairness and priority!

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    Reliable Divorce Lawyers Near Loveland

    They were honest and trustworthy, and made my divorce go smoothly and seamlessly.

    After trying and failing to get representation from 7 other attorneys, Matt was brave and kind enough to agree to represent me three days before my scheduled trial. He worked diligently and applied 100% focus to my case. He did an exceptional job and the fact that he had less than 72 hours to prepare for trial makes him my hero.

    Ralph, ★★★★★

    Thank you for not seeing me as “just another client.”
    Millie Stevens. Loveland, CO

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    Get The Right Legal Help After You File Divorce

    Determining Alimony, Spousal & Child Support

    Determining Alimony, Spousal & Child Support

    We make sure your children are cared for and get the financial support they need.

    Child Visitation, Custody & Parenting Time

    Child Visitation, Custody & Parenting Time

    Your children’s wellbeing is our top priority as we guide you through visitation and custody.

    Division Of Marital Assets, Property & Debts

    Division Of Marital Assets, Property & Debts

    Our divorce lawyers make sure everything is fairly allocated during your divorce.

    Enforcing Prenup Agreements & More

    Enforcing Prenup Agreements & More

    Let our experienced attorneys help you navigate the complexities of prenup agreements.

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    Legal Questions About Divorce

    The best first step is to visit with a reputable divorce lawyer to ensure the legal process is followed.
    It is wise to contact a lawyer as soon as the decision to divorce or separate is made.
    In a legal separation, the marriage remains intact. In a divorce, the marriage is legally ended.
    In some situations, it is possible for your ex to pay your fees, but it is highly unlikely.
    While it ultimately depends on your unique circumstances, you can typically expect a divorce to take about 6-9 months.
    Colorado does not require a waiting period to remarry after your divorce is legally official.

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    Why Hire A Loveland Divorce Attorney?

    • Experienced Divorce Lawyers Our divorce lawyers are very familiar with Colorado divorce law and guide you through every step of the process. We make sure you know exactly what to expect.
    • Personalized Legal Representation At Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers, every client is treated with respect regardless of the complexity of their circumstances. We are dedicated to providing relentless, thorough representation of their rights.
    • Accessible Costs We know that divorce can be a tough time, so we are committed to making it a little easier and less stressful by providing quality legal guidance and reasonable rates.
    Why Hire A Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer For Your Case In Loveland

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