What Our Clients Say About Our Legal Services

Fort Collins’ Most Trusted Family Lawyers

They were honest and trustworthy, and made my divorce go smoothly and seamlessly.

We have numerous client testimonials indicating their satisfaction with our services. They know that we strive hard for them and will make every effort to ensure that everything goes as planned during what is often a very stressful time.

Thank you for not seeing me as “just another client.”

Sharon North. Fort Collins, CO

“After trying and failing to get representation from 7 other attorneys, Matt was brave and kind enough to agree to represent me three days before my scheduled trial. He worked diligently and applied 100% focus to my case. He did an exceptional job and the fact that he had less than 72 hours to prepare for trial makes him my hero.” – Ralph

“Going through a divorce is never easy, but Matt made it a great experience. I was always informed on what was going on with my case. I received daily emails with information from my ex husband as well as issues related to custody. Matt took my fear and concerns into his heart and made sure that the ultimate outcome was one that was in the best interest of my daughter. I will forever be grateful to this amazing law firm for all the hard work and dedication.” – Devon