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    Navigating the separation and divorce process is difficult, messy, and often quite expensive. Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers are a team of qualified Windsor family lawyers who are experienced and ready to help you walk through the process. We can help with almost everything including custody, child support, parental rights, prenuptials, and so much more.

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    Expecting all parties to play fair in the divorce process seems simple but often feels unattainable. Between all the relationships and deep emotional connections involved, it can be difficult to find a resolution that leaves everyone feeling heard and satisfied. As top rated Windsor family law attorneys, Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers is highly knowledgeable about the law regarding parental rights, custody, and more. We are ready to help you navigate a variety of complicated situations while protecting your rights from start to finish! Let us help you get the fair results you deserve.

    No Fault and At-Fault Divorce Attorney Near Windsor

    No Fault & At Fault Divorce Attorney

    Our Windsor divorce attorneys will help determine the type of divorce to be filed in your case, whether you or your spouse is at fault.

    Our Attorneys Handle Arbitration And Mediation For Windsor Divorces

    Arbitration & Mediation For Divorces

    We are equipped to assist couples seeking resolution, or to make the final decision regarding your divorce if you have reached an impasse.

    Windsor's Default Dissolution Divorce Attorney

    Default Dissolution Divorce Attorney

    When one party fails to respond to the divorce petition filed by their partner, it is determined to be a default dissolution.

    Equitable Distribution Divorce Lawyer Providing Legal Services in Windsor

    Equitable Distribution Divorce Lawyer

    Our lawyers are equipped for equitable distribution divorce proceedings, guiding how property acquired in marriage should be distributed between the two parties.

    Lawyers Collaborating On Divorce Papers For Windsor Residents

    Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

    In collaborative divorce, you will experience more flexibility and faster proceedings than in other divorce filings, resulting in reduced legal expenses.

    Lawyer Holding Gavel For Uncontested Divorce Near Windsor

    Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

    If both parties agree on all major issues, the process is called an uncontested divorce and is often resolved quickly.

    Joint Petitions For Summary Dissolutions Near Windsor, CO

    Joint Petitions For Summary Dissolutions

    A summary dissolution is one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods of getting a divorce, with less paperwork and only one filing fee.

    Windsor Legal Separation & Property Settlement Agreements

    Legal Separation & Property Settlement Agreements

    We can draft and manage the signing process of this legally binding contract that resolves any issues arising from a marriage termination.

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    As expert Windsor family law and divorce lawyers, Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers is proficient with helping clients determine the best strategy for their case. We work diligently to keep our knowledge up to date with the latest laws and regulations regarding divorce and separation, and are prepared to assist with property distribution and ensuring your children are fully cared for and supported. Our goal is to make sure all parties get what is fair in the divorce process! Schedule a consultation with our legal team today and let us help guide you through the process of separation, divorce, mediation, equitable distribution, child support, and so much more!

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    They were honest and trustworthy, and made my divorce go smoothly and seamlessly.

    After trying and failing to get representation from 7 other attorneys, Matt was brave and kind enough to agree to represent me three days before my scheduled trial. He worked diligently and applied 100% focus to my case. He did an exceptional job and the fact that he had less than 72 hours to prepare for trial makes him my hero.

    Ralph, ★★★★★

    Thank you for not seeing me as “just another client.”
    Millie Stevens. Loveland, CO

    5 star rated review by Millie Stevens

    Get The Right Legal Help After You File Divorce

    Determining Alimony, Spousal & Child Support For Windsor Divorce Cases

    Determining Alimony, Spousal & Child Support

    Our team at Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer works hard to make sure your children feel supported and heard in all aspects including mentally, emotionally, and financially.

    Child Visitation, Custody & Parenting Time In Windsor

    Child Visitation, Custody & Parenting Time

    Contracts regarding visitation and custody agreements can be modified every two years, so let us help guide you through the process.

    Division Of Marital Assets, Windsor Properties & Debts

    Division Of Marital Assets, Property & Debts

    Our attorneys at Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers work for you as we ensure your assets, property, and debts are accurately divided between both parties.

    Enforcing Prenup Agreements & More

    Enforcing Prenup Agreements & More

    As skilled divorce lawyers, we can help you navigate the complexities and fine print of prenuptial agreements. Call today to learn more!

    Legal Questions About Divorce

    If you are filing for an uncontested divorce, you will first need to submit a Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage. Because each case is uniquely different, there is not one specific set of procedures that applies to each case. The best way to ensure all the proper steps are taken is to contact a divorce lawyer.
    If you are already separated from your spouse, ready to end your marriage, or want to explore your options, it is wise to seek the guidance of an experienced Windsor family law attorney. They will advise you regarding the petitions needed, the filing process, the distribution of property, child support, and more.
    Legal separation is a court order that dictates the rights and duties of a couple while they are still married but living separately. In a divorce, the marriage is legally dissolved. Each carries different personal and financial benefits, so consult with an attorney to determine which may be best for you.
    It depends on the situation. If you believe your ex-spouse should be responsible for your divorce attorney’s fees, you will need to plead with the court in the Original Petition for Divorce. This typically occurs in situations where one spouse cannot afford an attorney, or the other spouse has a financial advantage.
    Each divorce case is completely unique, with different factors that will affect the length of time needed for the proceedings to be finalized. Generally, you can expect the divorce process to last about 6-9 months, depending upon the issues being addressed and resolved, and if the divorce is contested or not.
    Colorado law requires a waiting period for getting remarried after a divorce has been finalized. Anyone who has been divorced is required to wait 91 days after filing the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to get remarried. The law does not carry mandates regarding when exactly you can get married after the divorce is official.

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    • Experienced Divorce Lawyers – At Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers, we know Colorado family and divorce law inside and out, and are prepared to apply it in a variety of complex situations. We make sure you know exactly what to expect each step of the way!
    • Personalized Legal Representation – Our divorce attorneys near you in Windsor view each case as unique. We bring an open approach and blank slate to every new case so that we can get to know you as an individual. You can trust that we fight tirelessly for your rights!
    • Accessible Costs – We know that many people avoid hiring a lawyer due to financial concerns. At Fort Collins Divorce Lawyers, we offer a variety of flexible payment plans to make the divorce process as stress-free as possible for our clients.
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